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Art and craft

BPS believes in helping a child to discover his latent talent and to express it creatively. In this tech-savvy era, when most children are too often drawn to screens- whether to watch television, text from cell phones or play video games- art offers a chance for creativity and personal expression. It develops hand-eye co-ordination, improves holistic health and extends a child’s fine motor skills.

The simple act of drawing does indeed play an important role in a child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. It develops problem-solving skills, teaches risk-taking, learning from one’s mistakes and being open to other possibilities. With these aims in view, the school organises sit-and-draw competitions for students and also nurtures their art and craft skills in their S.U.P.W periods in which junior and middle school children engage in productive craft work while the senior school students engage in community service by spreading environmental awareness and benefits of healthy lifestyle throughout the school with their innovative banners and slogans put up on the school boards. They also render their services in the school library by making tags for the books. The efforts of the students are often recognised and honoured with prizes and certificates.


“The difference between machinery and the human body is unyielding. The former wears out with use while the latter is perfected in motion.” – Prof. Bruno Grandi, FIG President. The given statement forms the guiding principle of our physical education curriculum. The students are given practice in march past, cricket, football, basketball, volley ball and throw ball. Apart from the usual period allotted in the time-table for physical training, the school encourages students to participate in various inter-school competitions. Few of these events in which the students participated are as follows:

There are also inter-house competitions which teach our children to function in a competitive society and develop the virtues of sportsmanship and self-discipline besides adhering to the proverb: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Quize and public speaking

Co-curricular activities like group discussions, elocution contests, quizzes and debates are regularly held in BPS to stimulate the thinking process and cater to the holistic personality development of the students. The children are encouraged to hone their talents and skill.

Inter-House Quiz Contests enable students to improve their general knowledge and also create the thirst in them for acquiring more and more information on different topics as well as keep abreast with recent happenings and developments. Quiz rounds at BPS are based on General Knowledge, Mixed Bag (Literature, Science, Sports, Entertainment) capped by an exciting Rapid Fire Round and the Joker Round.

Inter-House Elocution Contest is a great opportunity for BPS students to combat the biggest fear factor, i.e., stage fright. It is a great vehicle for learning how complex thoughts, humorous ideas, deep emotions or entire narrations can be expressed with carefully chosen words. It also teaches them to articulate, modulate their voice and express themselves eloquently.

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.” – Mahatma Gandhi. At BPS School, debating is taught as an art and made competitive through inter-house competitions. Students are taught to be assertive without being aggressive. They are better able to critically examine crucial issues and make informed judgments.

During quizzing and public speaking contests, all the participants at BPS strive to win for their House the coveted medal, cup, shield or trophy.

Parents - teacher meeting

The education system is faced with many challenges and obstacles but these are successfully overcome when parents and teachers communicate effectively. It is our belief that a parent-teacher meeting is a time when important people in a BPS  student’s life can talk about how the child is performing in school, the areas the student is excelling in and sharing specific ideas in improving the child’s performance in school. Thus, the school maintains a channel of communication with the parents through regular parent-teacher meetings.


In the modern age, students are often under pressure from several sources- peers, parents and teachers- regarding their academic performance or the standard of their behaviour. The mission of counselling at BPS is to provide psychological help and ensure the emotional well-being of its students. It gives children an opportunity to share their experience and talk about their feelings in a safe and accepting environment. A collaboration among the counsellor, teachers and parents helps in providing career and remedial counselling thus enabling students in realizing their dreams and achieving their goals.


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